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Aug 17, 2019, 8:00 AM
Madden Range
Nominate for The 500m Fly Club Comp

...... but remember, Rule 10 ..... always applies !


 Sponsor of the   500m Fly Qld  Championship

 19th Oct 2019


The 500m Fly 

1990 - 2019

The 500 metre Fly Shoot began in 1990 at Canberra, Australia. It was the brain child of John Rawson and Jim McKinley. The range at Majura in Canberra has a maximum distance of 500m in front of a 32 bench firing line. The first matches were a bit ad-hoc but attracted much interest. A match back then was 10 targets for the day with only one class and a weight limit of 50 lbs.In subsequent years a small committee consisting of Stuart and Annie Elliott, Jim McKinley and Ian Lampl took on the challenge of stabilizing and developing the matches.

Where's that FLY

 A 2nd class was added called Light Gun (17lb limit) and removed the weight limit on the Heavy Gun (or Open Class). The match was also shortened to be 5 targets plus a non counting warm up target to begin the day. There are 5 shots for record per target plus a maximum of 3 sighting shots allowed. These are fired at steel plates which are painted white and usually hang just below each target. Hits on these plates can easily be seen even in heavy mirage. Also it is easy for the target crew to simply repaint each plate during target changes and thus the 500m Fly was born.



Vince Vaina
Club Captain
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Vince has been the driving force behind the ongoing and successful running of "The 500m Fly" club competitions held every month at the Madden Range, Belmont. With full capacity details in both LG & HG and along with the assistance of his brother "John", their committed work ethic will insure the ongoing success of "The 500m Fly"

Robert Van Gaal & 
Peter Munday
SOTY & Teams Coordinators
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Both Peter & Alan have been given the task of organising the new upcoming Team's event for the 2018 club season. Alan & Peter both shoot several rifle disciplines and are avid supporter of "The 500m Fly". They are always happy to help as they have always done so at every club event and their continued ongoing support of "The 500m Fly" is much appreciated by all club members.

Robert Van Gaal
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With Robert's further input over the last 12 months into the scoring system's design features, it is now able to be incorporated into the 500m Website giving us Match Results & Rankings, it will now be further automated with the addition of a 43" Electronic Scoring Board at match events. Robert also designed, manages & updates the 500m Fly website, is responsible  for the club Sponsorship of the current season competitions, organises and oversea's the LG & HG Team's comp via the Teams Coordinating Committee. Further thanks is given to Rob White, our Head Competition Scorer who oversea's the scoring of our Club & State Competitions.

Club Team's

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Event Day 2019 - 500m Fly Club Comp
Registration & Flag Setup
Start - Warm up Targets
Start of Details
Competition End
Clear Flags, Target Boards
& Benches
12:00 Noon
Club Discussion


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The Results

& Rankings


    "Five in the Fly"

     Prize, $2,000

SOTY - Points Score System

The 500M Fly Season 2019

To be eligible for major prizes in the 2019 season competitors must shoot in a minimum of 7 rounds in each class to qualify for that discipline.

SOTY EVENT: LG & HG competitors receive points for finishing in a ranked position for each monthly club comp entered into.

If more than 7 rounds are shot then the lowest scores can be dropped thus retaining your 7 highest scores.




Madden Shooting Range, 292 Mt Petrie Road
Belmont, Brisbane,  QLD 4153       Ph: (07) 3398 1749

Position  =  Points     Position  =  Points     Position  =  Points

      1            100              8              70            15            56

      2              95              9              67            16            55

      3              90             10             64            17            54

      4              85             11             62            18            53

      5              81             12             60            19            52

      6              77             13             58            20            51              7              73             14             57            21            50


The range comprises a rifle range of 30 benches with target frames established at 50 metres, 100, 200, 300 and 400 yards. The rifle range also has a standing post area (500 metres) suitable for various disciplines such as rifle metallic silhouette (air rifle, rimfire and centrefire), field rifle, lever action, military/service rifle and junior target shooters.

It also has 25 portable benches where the 500m and 300m Fly Club competitions are held each month.

There is also an indoor air rifle running target range, an indoor air pistol range, an outdoor pistol range (50 and 200 metres), and two clay target layouts with both trap and skeet ranges.

Team Brisbane